Monday, September 8, 2008

300 Love Letters

300 Love Letters is an art project by Asia Wong. Asia explains her project in a convoluted way, but the gist of it is that she wrote 400 love letters to people she knows, and sent them, contents exposed, to unrelated strangers.  It's like the unwitting strangers are forced to over-hear an awkward love confession. The letters are color coded as follows:
red and pink = lovers
orange = fan letters
yellow = strangers
green = acquaintances
blue = friends
purple = crushes
indigo = family
brown = people Asia doesn't really like
gray = anyone
black = everyone
white = Asia
flesh = Asia's dream lover
I particularly like this backhanded  compliment.  The project is a little exhibitionist, a little stalker-like. As Mefite quintessencesluglord says, "I tried this once. And then the restraining orders came." 

(From Metafilter)

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