Thursday, October 30, 2008

Disaster Girl

Just in time for Halloween comes Disaster Girl. Disaster Girl is a picture posted on JPG magazine by David Roth, which shows a mildly disheveled little girl looking mischeviously at the cameraman while Fire Engine 38 attempts to control a suburban house structure fire in the background.  David tags it, "She's just an innocent bystander. Or is she?"

Buzzfeed ran with the idea and started a photoshop contest. My favorite ones are the subtle jobs that add that "Where-is-Waldo" aspect to the silly picture. Someone has gone and animated it. Meme-tastic.

(From Found, Buzzfeed)


victor220 said...

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Emily said...

I enjoy the creepy girl, but the above spam comment made me laugh even harder.

The Roth Family said...

Disaster Girl wants to buy her father a Canon 50D. Is there any website or shop we can choose a reliable camera? PLEASE HELP.

Guy Danus said...


between the comments and incredibly creepy Disaster Girl, this is one funny TOTI! lol


PS. She totally did it.

W. E. B. Du Blag said...

I sense mockery and derision. Bravo, readers.

b luis grey said...

Girl is straight out of Omen the movie.

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