Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dating Montage

Dating Montage is an 80's video-dating video on Daily Motion. Amazing.

So many questions & comments!
--Did that guy just seriously say, "no hamsters"?
--I'm interested in *no* phases of data processing.
--Oh Fred.

From Metafilter:
"WTH is a Donna Juanita? My best two minutes of googling come back with this. That seems a very specific dislike if that's what the guy at 2:55 is talking about. posted by mindless progress"

"Whoa, the guy at 2:43 is 25?! 25 going on 42?
posted by geoff".

"I do consider myself a 'refined valley dude.'
Something about the way he says it.... you can actually hear the quotes.
posted by Afroblanco"

"mindless progress: 'WTH is a Donna Juanita?'
A female Don Juan, ie. a smooth operator, seductress, a woman out to make a sexual conquest.
posted by idiopath"

"Oh, God, what is that word that's the opposite of schadenfreude? The one for the shared shame of seeing someone embarrass themselves? posted by maudlin "

(From Metafilter)

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Guy Danus said...

that was painful to watch. painful.