Monday, January 11, 2010

Student Brings Typewriter To Lecture

Student Brings Typewriter To Lecture is a video showing a student who brougth a typewriter to a lecture hall instead of a laptop. WAH-WAH.

The best part about it is the "ding!" sound.
The second best part is the commentary about this video.

From Buzzfeed:
[Editor's Note: Man, lecture halls must have been so loud back in the old days.]
Buzzfeed Commenter: "Uh, nobody typed during a lecture back in the old days. We scribbled notes with a pen. In a paper notebook."
Rebutted by second commenter, "O RLY?!"

And finally, commenter from Gizmodo, "What class is this, Douchebaggery 101?" Touché.
(From Buzzfeed)

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