Wednesday, June 10, 2009


GOTHS IN HOT WEATHER is a website devoted to pictures of angsty pale people dressed in unwieldy black clothing suffering through happy, oppresive sunshine. The tone is best described as 25% mockery and 75% celebration. Judge for yourself:

"what to do they do in summer? All that makeup, long black leather and rubber must get very sticky. I think we should show our respect for these poor unfortunates, struggling to stand out from the vanilla crowd despite blazing temperatures and sunshine that puts the rest of us in shorts and vest tops. Join me in celebrating the majesty of the Goth, who, eschewing any practicality whatever, still has the commitment to don a full length leather trenchcoat, stupid New Rock boots, and half a Superdrug counter of makeup. All hail the Hot Goth!"

(From MJG)


jsos said...

oh no way!

2 years ago, me and my friend came up with a concept of either a photo series or an illustration series called "Emo Kids Eat Ice Cream"

I guess that it's different enough.


W. E. B. Du Blag said...

After a brief google search, I see that it's still available. You should do it Justin, it's a book deal waiting to happen.

And by deal I mean idea.