Thursday, July 23, 2009

Creepy Faces

Creepy Faces is a blog about the art of ruining a picture. It's okay. They feature normal pictures ruined by people in the background, with some exceptions. Okay a lot of exceptions. It seems like a good chunk are just pictures of people making faces on purpose.  The best ones live up to the orginal intent of the blog. According to them:

"We're here to showcase you, Mr. and Mrs. Normal McNormalface, ruining a seemingly normal picture with a distorted, twisted, bone-chilling face that would make your Mama sad to have ever born you.

We obviously accept user submissions - in fact, we encourage them. But please remember this site is not about being malicious, it's all about being funny. So please keep this in mind when you're sending us your photos. Otherwise, creep on."

Enjoy! Especially the one below, as pointed out by Creepy Faces. Wallflower is appalled that Gilligan -of-the-dreadful-shirt is getting it on with Flee-Godzilla girl. Everyone else is chill.

(From   a metafilter comment )

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Tao said...

That's great. My wife and I have a whole load of photos where one or the other looks very weird like that - I swear it's the camera ;)