Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ugliest Tatoos

Back on the bad tattoos theme, which I'm rather fond of, there is a whole blog devoted just to that. (Oh Interwebs, what *don't* you offer!).  Ugliest Tattoos, The Gallery of Regrets is a blog devoted to mocking awful tattoos. In their own words:

"Some tattoos are great. Girl in martini glass? Sexy! Giant swimming koi? Appreciative of other cultures! A well-executed tree, branches to the sky, roots to the earth? Nice. Very tasteful. Symbolic, yet understated.

But some tattoos are . . . less great. In fact, some are brain-explodingly terrible. The butterfly tramp stamps, NASCAR emblems, and Star Trek commemorative plate–style back pieces that walk this earth are an assault on the eyes and an affront to all who encounter them. Thank god you don’t have one of those. Oh wait, you do?

Can I see?"
The winners here were all from the winning page 3. 

(From my interest in bad tattoos. Which is similar to my interest in awful plastic surgery.)

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