Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Drugging And Gang Rape Of A KBR Employee! Senator Al Franken

The Drugging And Gang Rape Of A KBR Employee! Senator Al Franken is a poorly titled youtube video (from C-SPAN2!) showing Al Franken presenting his amendment. This is dry but important!

Boing Boing explains,
"Al Franken successfully introduced legislation that denies federal contracts to companies that have policies -- anywhere in the world -- that punish employees for complaining about rape or discrimination on the job. This is in response to a KBR/Halliburton employee in Iraq who was drugged and gang-raped by co-workers and denied justice or even medical treatment, then locked in a storage container for 24 hours and told that she'd lose her job if she left the country to get medical help. She was also prohibited from suing or seeking criminal justice because her Halliburton contract forbade seeking any justice apart from private arbitration.

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) tried to block the amendment, saying that it was a 'a political attack directed at Halliburton.' Franken replied, 'This amendment does not single out a single contractor. This amendment would defund any contractor that refuses to give a victim of rape their day in court.' "

Yes. Violence against women makes me ANGRY. GAAAAAAAH!!!!111!

(From Boing Boing)


Ed said...

Jon Stewart only got to this last night! I think we all know who the real trendsetter is here.

W. E. B. Du Blag said...

Glad you told me, I don't watch TV that much this year either.

Jon made this issue much funnier than I ever could.