Wednesday, October 21, 2009


uPlaya is an online service where independent music artists can upload their songs and be given an automated score of the hit potential of that song. Boom. You no longer need humans to run record lables. Or something.

I dislike how the "success stories" section has no success stories. Okay, I want song examples, people. 

Also, best question from the FAQ: "Isn’t music supposed to be art?"

Also, one metafilter commenter notes,

"This strikes me as a high tech version of the old songwriting competition / modeling agency scam, the kind of thing where almost everyone is assured they are primed for success, and they have some fees you can pay to enter contests for a chance to make it big. I feel like a rube just for giving them my email address.

This is snake oil. We have been uplayed®." 

(From Metafilter)


Lulu... said...


Porque en ingles??
Con trabajo entiendo el espaƱol carajo!


Un beso!

SuffrinLovah said...

My problem with UPlaya is that it keeps advertising competitions, then when I entered my songs for their competition, after the deadline of the competition there was no sign of the winners.

So they took my songs, took my money and could not even bother to have a (any) winner for the competition

It is a big scam!!!