Saturday, October 24, 2009

Memoir of a former abortion addict

Memoir of a former abortion addict is an LA Times news story about Irene Vilar, now a mother of two, who wrote a memoir of about led her to have 15 pregnancies ended.

"She describes her abortions as part of a misguided quest to free herself from the burdens of a complicated and tragic family, then as part of an immensely dysfunctional dynamic with her first husband, a professor of Latin American literature whom she met at Syracuse University when she was 16 and he was 50.

'We could be a couple as long as I relinquished my desire for children,' she said of her husband, 'a disturbingly handsome man" who taught her that 'families are nests of suffering" and informed her that he preferred young women because they are "unformed . . . unfinished, with not too many wounds.' Children, he told her, were incompatible with freedom. (Her ex-husband, Pedro Cuperman, did not respond to an e-mailed request for comment.)

Again and again during their 11-year relationship, she rebelled: 'Forgetting' her birth control pills, she would get pregnant, feel the thrill of self-determination, then panic that she would lose her husband, seek an abortion and collapse in relief and despair.
'I can completely understand the discomfort that some feminists feel,' said feminist author Robin Morgan, who wrote the book's foreword. 'There is a perfectly human tendency to say we can't afford ambiguity, we can't afford nuance. I am afraid it comes from years of being pummeled by the extreme, anti-choice right. The truth is that it's a complicated issue.' "

Pretty crazy.

(From Buzzfeed)

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