Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chat Roulette

Chat Roulette is a website that randomly connects your webcam to others. As described in the Guardian, Chatroulette, is:
A new website that has been described as "surreal", "addictive" and "frightening" is proving a sensation around the world – and attracting a reputation as a haven for no-holds-barred, explicit material.
Chatroulette, which was launched in November, has rocketed in popularity thanks to its simple premise: internet video chats with ­random strangers.
When users visit the site and switch on their webcams, they are suddenly connected to another, randomly chosen person who is doing precisely the same thing somewhere else in the world.
Once they are logged in together, chatters can do anything they like: talk to each other, type messages, entertain each other – or just say goodbye, hit the "next" button and move on in an attempt to find somebody more interesting.
I played a couple of rounds, and did not talk to any weird sex people. I had a conversation about tuition fees and snow with a guy from Indiana, and a conversation in German with a Dutch guy about the Dutch language. It's a great place to waste time when Facebook is no longer cutting it.

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