Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Letter Me Later

Letter Me Later is a website that lets you send out emails at a specific time in the future. According to their self-description, the site "allows you to send emails to anyone you wish, with the ability to have them sent at any future date and time you choose. "

The basic service is free, and of course there is an upgraded service available for a fee.

Overall very useful for Gmail, which currently does not have the capability to natively schedule emails in advance--a feature necessary for large scale social organizing and general productivity. Sure, you can use Thunderbird, but your computer has to be on for the email to be sent at the future date.

This site is a decent but not perfect fix (are you hearing me, Google Gmail team?! Make my dreams come true!). (From my frustration with not being able to preschedule gmails)

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Stefanie said...

this reminds me of the google prank on april fools day when they introduced a feature that would allow you to send emails with timestamps in the past to get yourself out of sticky situations!