Thursday, April 15, 2010


ENEMY CAMP 2010 is an episode of This American Life that focuses on people working behind enemy lines, or against former allies. It is very interesting. Sometimes TAL can be hit or miss, and this time, I thought Act I was definitely a hit. In their own words:

Behind enemy lines, sometimes people get confused about whose side they're on... and how to fight the enemy. (2 minutes)

Patrick Wall was a special kind of monk. He was a fixer. The Catholic church sent him to problem parishes where priests had been removed because of scandal. His job was to come in, keep events from going public and smooth things over until a permanent replacement priest was found. But after four different churches in four years, after covering up for pedophiles and adulterers and liars and embezzlers he decided to make a change. Carl Marziali tells his story. (21 minutes)"

If you listen all the way through, I thought the line about how to have a very long conversation with an 8-year-old was delightful.

(From my iPod's auto-downloading podcasts)

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