Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy (AT) is an apartment design and decoration website. Its aim is to save the world one apartment at a time. Co-founder Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan says he aims to "connect people to the resources they need to improve their homes, while reducing their reliance on stuff." He's successfully parlayed the site into a book.

Want to know the best places to get vintage furniture in Chicago? They've got you covered. Wish that MTV did a celebrity cribs with Sarah Jessica Parker? Wish no more. Need someone to tell you what the top ten best new Ikea pieces are? Okay.

The best part about AT are the DIY ideas, fueled by community commenters.

They have a few spin-off sites:
  1. Ohdeedoh for desigb related to children.
  2. Thekitchn for kitchen design, recipes, and food-related posts.
  3. Unplggd for tech gadgets and electronics (this post includes the previously featured washing-machine toilet!)
  4. Re-nest for eco-friendly and green/blue living ideas. (I like this post on how to stop junk mail.)

(From my friend Colin)

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