Saturday, August 9, 2008

Planet Unicorn Heyyy

[Guest written by Guy:]

Planet Unicorn is created by an 8 year old gay boy named Shannon.

It's a hilarious video mini-series starring Shannon and three unicorns named Tom Cruise, Feathers and Cadillac. The three unicorns were wished into existence by Shannon (after first wishing for a fur coat and a flying car). Their adventures lead them across the Planet Unicorn (Heyyy) and Shannon pops in to give them advice occasionally.

It's kind of like a fantastical, magical drag show. Only with little boys and horses. Oh wait....

"As the unicorns begin to understand their existence, they must protect the Unicorn Falls from turning brown."

Overall, funny storyline, good acting from the unicorns and a memorable theme song (Planet Unicorn Heeyyyy). Minus points for a website that looks like it was actually made by an 8 year old gay boy named Shannon : A

(From Guy Du Blag, Carol's amazing friend)

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W. E. B. Du Blag said...

You know what the best part about this post is? I didn't write it. I'm so happy you came through, Guy!