Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Green Microgym

The Green Microgym is a gym that runs on its own power. I often think about the wasted workout energy while working out at the gym, and am glad to see someone made it come true. Go Oregon!

"By generating electricity and conserving space and energy, The Green Microgym will be one of the only fitness facilities in the world running on its own power. We're starting a gym in Portland, Oregon that uses a combination of solar and human power and is just as comfortable and effective as any other gym."

It claims to have Sirius Satellite Radio, flatscreen LCD High Definition televisions, and wireless Internet(!). It's owner and designer is Adam Boesel. The website is clunky, but I think they're doing enough net good in the world to be forgiven that.

(From Buzzfeed )

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