Sunday, February 15, 2009

David After Dentist

David After Dentist is a Youtube video of 7 year-old David who had an extra tooth removed in the summer of 2008. David is still feeling the effect of the dentist drugs, and is vocal about it. I don't know how to feel about this video, but to date 8 million people have seen it. (Or 1 million people people and 7 million spam bots. The data is shaky).

The Wall Street Journal interviewed the father about the controversial Youtube video. From the WSJ interview:
"David’s father, also named David DeVore, says his son was safe the entire time and finds the video very funny. Mr. DeVore says he filmed his son to help ease his fear of doctor’s appointments. 'I was trying to teach him that the anticipation is probably much worse than the actual event,' Mr. DeVore said. 'This might not have been the right case to give an example.'

Mr. DeVore, who had just gotten a small video camera and still carries it around with him, says David was very nervous going into the surgery that day. Mr. DeVore filmed him going into the appointment, stayed there with him during the procedure, and then carried him out of the office to the car.

As the anesthesia wore off, a woozy David tried to make sense of it all. His heavy head swinging from side to side, he says things such as 'Is this real life?' and 'Is this going to be forever?' At one point, with wide eyes, David declares, 'I can’t see anything' and then lifts himself off of his seat, lets out an atrocious scream before wilting back down. David also tells his father, 'You have four eyes' and asks repeatedly if he got stitches.

Of the taping he says, 'I felt bad doing it but I had tears coming out of my eyes after it was over because it was just hilarious.' He showed the video to his wife and David that evening, both of whom found it as funny as he did. Mr. DeVore also posted it on Facebook to share with other relatives. "
Now a parody: David after Divorce.
(From Laughing Squid)


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