Friday, February 6, 2009

I Can Digg It

I Can Digg It is a article by Farhad Manjoo about why MrBabyMan from is the king of all social media. According to Fahad, since joining the site in December 2005, MrBabyMan, "has submitted about 12,000 links; more than one-quarter—3,394 links as of Monday morning—have been voted to the front page. That works out to about three front-page stories per day."

Exerpt of the article, illustrated with said video, above:

"Last week, the CBS affiliate in Hartford, Conn., reported on a new lead in the case of Molly Bish, a teenager who was abducted and murdered nine years ago. Tragic story, hilarious local-news blooper: Just as the anchor announced, 'The possible suspect, Rodney Stanger, seen here ...' viewers' screens flashed to a mug shot of a hamster carrying a clapperboard, under a title reading, 'Cold Case Suspect?' The hamster's expression was delicious—his small mouth and sunken eyes seemed to plead, 'Save me, I was framed!' Naturally, someone recorded the station's mistake and uploaded the clip to YouTube. There, it was spotted by Andrew Sorcini, a 40-year-old film editor who lives in Los Angeles and is better known online as MrBabyMan, his moniker on the user-voted news site Digg. On Saturday, the clip hit Digg's front page, winning more than 5,000 votes.


MrBabyMan possesses a talent that's particularly valuable in an era of information overload. You can think of him as a one-man Google—he scours the Web in search of links you love—though a better comparison might be to that of an older archetype, the tabloid editor with an eagle eye for a story of mass appeal." 


(From Slate)

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