Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The:DISH (Topanga comes back!)

The:DISH is a TV show hosted by Danielle Fishel (better known as Topanga Lawrence from Boy Meets World). It's super trashy and super-low budget. She's done so well!
Buzzfeed describes it as a "lady-friendly version of The Soup for The Style Network."

My first thoughts were first of all... Topanga's real last name is Fishel? That sounds like a made-up garden instrument. You know. Rake, shovel, fishel. I digress.

Second of all... This is what her plans are: "When she's not doing The Dish, Danielle can be found studying for her degree in psychology (with a focus in marriage and family therapy) or hanging with her dog, Anna, a Maltese who does all kinds of cool tricks." Good luck, Topanga!

Click through for the videoes.
(From Buzzfeed)

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