Friday, March 13, 2009

8 Tracks

8tracks is a site where people can,
"share and discover music through an online mix.

A mix is a short playlist containing at least 30 minutes — roughly 8 tracks — of music. 

On 8tracks, people can do two things: listen to a mix, or create a mix. Listeners can search for a mix by artist or genre, stream it in a legal, radio-style manner, and follow others who make compelling mixes. DJs upload MP3s or select tracks from the 8tracks library to craft a playlist, add context with description and art, and publish their mix on and a personal webpage.

8tracks believes handcrafted music programming trumps algorithms. Think radio in the 1970s, mixtapes in the 1980s, and DJ culture of the 1990s through today. DJs share their talent in taste making, providing exposure for artists. Listeners get a unique blend of word-of-mouth sharing and radio programming — long the trusted means for music discovery — on a global scale."

They summed it up so well I just copy-pasted their about page. Yeah, I'm feeling THAT LAZY today, sorry. Anyway, you can browse recent, popular, or random mixes, as well as mixes by genre. Or, create your own. Create your own terrible, terrible mix like this one: 

Enjoy! (From TechCrunch)

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