Monday, March 2, 2009


Wittypedia is a wiki of half hearted jokes. In their own words,"Here at Wittypedia we strive for mediocrity and, although it's hard for us to be subjective, we think we've finally achieved it! "

I think you're right, Witty.

They define every day objects with phrases such as, "Ice: If you put water in a freezer it goes all solid - that's ice. If you put a cat in a freezer it'll die - so don't do that. Ice has many purposes - such as providing a name and lyrics for the popular beat combo 'vanilla ice.'" The site is littered with ads, but it generally does a good job of finding entertaining pictures for their articles. C+.

(From reader JP)


Tao said...

He He some good stuff :D

JP said...

Thanks for reviewing the site!
A great review - it's nice to know we're meeting our targets. We hope to achieve a B grade by 2012!
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