Sunday, March 22, 2009

David Carson: Design, discovery and humor

David Carson: Design, discovery and humor is a good-humored TED talk about fonts and design.

David is a "grunge typographer" whose magazine Ray Gun helped, "explode the possibilities of text on a page... Squishing, smashing, slanting and enchanting the words on a layout, Carson made the point, over and over, that letters on a page are art."

He is single-handedly responsible for thousands of crappy illegible rock-and-roll scribbles that you've seen countless skateboards and T-shirts.

The talk itself is extremely jumpy and jumbled, but high on laughs if you can keep up.  David shows some examples of his work, and his mind seems to work much like his typography.  He talks about design principles, his book: The End of Print, and what makes a job or career worth pursuing. 

(From TED. Good luck Justin!)

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