Monday, March 16, 2009

The Yelp Tee

The Yelp Tee is an article on 7x7 about Pizzeria Delfina and their snazzy new publicity stunt T-shirts. According to the article, Pizzeria Delfina, "made Yelp their bitch and taken quotes from one-star reviews posted on Yelp about the pizzeria and made them into T-shirts for their staff to wear. "

Snarking on the snark, I like it. I also like that the stub-of-an article included bad reviews about its own publication. Namely:

"Following are some of 7x7's better one-star reviews on Yelp.

1. 'This magazine is whiter than my ass cheeks in January!'

2. 'San Francisco Paris Hilton wannabies now have a handbook.'

3. 'Nice bathroom material... Though it chafes if you don't work the paper in fully.'

4. 'It actually burns my eyes if I dare to read it.' "

A+ for daring to be yourself. 

(From Laughing Squid)

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