Monday, March 15, 2010

Papercraft: Simply Cut and Paste!

I remember getting those plastic models of my favorite cars as a kid and spending the day or weekend clipping the pieces apart and either clicking or gluing them together. It was great fun and I always guarded those models with my life.

Well, those days may be gone for me, but sites like Tektonten Papercraft and Cubeecraft are bringing back some of that fun. The best part is that this time, I don't feel like I have to threaten the lives of family and friends as these models are made of paper.

A couple of neat projects from Tektonten:

A few of my favorites from Cubeecraft:

There are several papercraft sites out there, but the two mentioned previously are the first two where I discovered this wonderful crafting hobby. Below, I've listed a few other good sites. Some use the Pepakura Designer to create the cutouts, but you can download the Pepakura Viewer here.

(From Tektonten, Cubeecraft)

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