Sunday, March 28, 2010


Taberinos is a simple-yet-addictive online flash game set to a demure tango. It's a cross between a pool table, spiderwebs, and a load of heroin. Basically every time the ball knocks into a white line, it disappears. Your goal is to make them all disappear. However, you have a limited number of shots, and regular nodes, angry nodes, and more to deal with.

I'm not sure why exactly, but the physics of this game seems ever-so-slightly off to me. It wants you to do things like hit tight corners right away.

Seriously, I wasted all afternoon on this already, and I'm only up to level 12. OMG I hope I don't have to drop out of school because of AN ONLINE FLASH GAME. And BTW... how do these people score HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of points on this thing? How?! Clearly I'm not using the angry nodes to their full potential.


(From Kottke)

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