Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wilbur Sargunaraj wants a Love Marriage

Mr. Sargunaraj seems to be every hipster's dream; I'm not entirely convinced he's not the product of some snickering kids in Williamsburg (or Tamil Nadu's equivalent). But he's just so delightful and genuine you have to kinda go with it.

For added kicks, check out Wilbur's website (the amazingly titled, I kid you not), where he gives you plenty of little life tips and fun self-descriptors such as "If you like something fresh in the music industry- this is it!! Guaranteed! "He further defines his music style as "vocal chanting" (isn't all chanting vocal?). That said, even Roger Ebert likes him, so it can't be all bad ;)

Second video highlight? Blog Song, below:

(From Teej)

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