Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Every Second Counts

Every Second Counts is a game by Ze Frank where you have to hold your mouse button down for a target amount of time (within an error of plus or minus 0.1 seconds). It starts with 0.2 seconds and increases by 0.2 with each level up.  

It's less of a game and more of art.

According to Ze: "I use scale as a way to brainstorm ideas around a theme. I try to imagine certain elements of the theme at extreme scale to see if it generates ideas..."

"...Another less straightforward example is the absurdist game 'every second counts'. The increasing stretches of time and anticipation vs. the small gesture of the mouse button. I find this juxtaposition of scale in things that make me laugh... For example the crude and silly joke: 'I have to go poop.' stated seriously followed by an utterance of the word 'poop'. It only works for me if the sound is small. A little throw away."


(From Kottke)


Guy Danus said...

i got to 2.6s before i got bored, fell off my chair and died of boredom.

Guy Danus said...

but A+ for Ze Frank haha :D i love that man with a passion that borders on obsession (by calvin klein)

Justin Crisostomo said...

3 hours. then you get a kill screen. ::yawn::


W. E. B. Du Blag said...

Teehee. Well said fellas.

PS: Readership is dropping off but I'm going to keep this cart running until March, 'cuz gosh darn it a year is a good goal.

joyfeed said...

Dropping off? Typical! I only just got here...

W. E. B. Du Blag said...

I know, Joy. Well, I guess readership is asymptotic, as we had a bump when it was featured by Blogs of Note.

Really though, truth be told this blog is less for everyone else, and more just for my personal enjoyment and recordkeeping... So that I can find links that I once remember I liked.