Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Noises Rest

The Noises Rest is a long-winded video on Vimeo by You Look Nice Today.  It's about how a gaggle of geeky foley artists (sound effects people) were comissioned to re-imagine silent films by the Silent Film Institute/NY MOMA.  A lot of appears to be inside jokes, but it's still cute.

In their words: 

"Most people assume that silent films were silent for technological reasons—that there wasn’t a way to capture and reproduce sound along with the moving image in those classic early films.

That’s a lie: the technology was never a big deal. Directors at the time simply chose, for aesthetic reasons, to embrace the purity of silence.

When the Silent Film Institute* asked us to create something inspired by the era of silent films, we knew we had to honor the early foley artists, those brave sound effects engineers who chose silence over noise.

Three of our best pals are foley artists, and by a fantastic coincidence, they’re working right now on a project we simply had to document.

We’ll let Evan, Lanolin, and Tiborg tell you the rest of the story.


* It was The Museum of Modern Art."

This appears to have been a legit event. Or something. The point is, I like Weekend at Bernie's, and picking up the phone at random times. 
(From Clusterflock)

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