Saturday, January 17, 2009

Goats for Hire!

Guest Writer Day : Guy

Apparently, a company in Arizona has decided to go green and employ goats to clear out brush fire rather then use machines.

"The Utilities Department has approved a contract with Arizona Herdsman Eco Goats to clear the slopes of the water retention ponds for the next six months. On Jan. 5, the first ten of 80 goats were brought to their new grazing sight."

It's a pretty hilarious article! B+ internets. B+

(From Treehugger)


Anonymous said...

One of my friends in Seattle rented some goats to clear his overgrown yard outside of the city limits. Useful animals!

christian said...

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Michael Lockridge said...

The jail where I work is located next to the county dump. Last summer a great many goats came and worked at the dump, clearing brush and unwanted vegetation. They were supervised by two dogs, and somewhere up the chain of command must have been at least one human.

Why is the jail next to the county dump? Perhaps because the county already had the property, and the response of the guests regarding ambiance was not a real consideration.