Friday, January 16, 2009


Guest Writer Day : Guy

This awesome new technology, which is currently in development and slated for release Fall 2009, was introduced at this year's CES (consumer electronics show). Basically, it is a mat that you put on your desk or wherever, that charges your mobile devices via magnetic induction! That means you can just throw on your cell phone, wireless mouse, camera, etc. and watch any of them (that are compatible) charge up! Brilliant.

"Utilizing principles of magentic induction, Powermat pairs an ultra-thin mat with a receiver that connects to your device. The two parts of the Powermat system - mats and receivers - all work together.

Each Powermat can wirelessly charge 3-6 devices simultaneously (depending on model). Incredibly, charging occurs at the same rate as if each device was charging with its own charger. So lose the wire spaghetti, adapters, and bricks and simplify how you charge with Powermat."

A+ for zomg I want this.

(From Tom's Hardware)


b luis grey said...

Nice. I want one.

Justin Crisostomo said...

Amazing. The only thing that could beat this would be a wireless powermat.