Thursday, December 11, 2008

Espresso Book Machine ("EBM")

The Expresso Book Machine is a really fast printer that makes books.  And by makes I mean prints and binds and everything. 

The video is kind of boring and commercial-ey but the idea is really cool.  I like that you can upload your own files and self-publish really quickly.

Not that I have a great American novel half-written or anything.  I just like the idea that if I did, I could print it. Also, I only talk about books that I want to publish when I'm drunk.  I wonder if I'm drunk.  I digress.

According to Justine,

"I read about this today in the "Chronicle for Higher Education"...something that gets passed around the Grad Studies Office...and it sounds so cool! I wish I had my own personal Espresso Book Machine!"

(From my friend Justine )

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