Friday, December 12, 2008

How Hot Dogs Are Made

How Hot Dogs Are Made is a video From the Science channel's show, "How It's Made." It shows you how hot dog are made. Totally gross, and it's true... you don't want to know.  Soooo glad I don't eat those. 

Also, that inspector job must be soooo tedious.

Also that's it. 

(From Buzzfeed)


Tree Wizard said...

I was just talking about that episode the other day with my boyfriend. He told me I wasn't normal because I don't eat hotdogs and I told him that after seeing "How It's Made" I can't possibly live with myself if I put that in my mouth.

Confu§ion said...

Uhg, I remember watching this when it aired on TV. Makes you scared to eat another hot dog.