Monday, December 1, 2008

One Spring Away

One Spring Away is a music video for the eponymous song by the band "From." The video was made by patching together footage from 41 commercials in a semi-coherent way.

I debated wether or not to post something suggested by the same person who made it (this is generally a poor idea, and I almost didn't)... But I liked the images chosen by the end and the music is good, so... what the hey. 

According to reader/ music video director Roni, highlights include:
- drumming gorilla (Cadbury)
- Sony Bravia spots (balls, rabbits, dominos)
- slow mo explosions
- lots of dancing
- oh, like Gap's Khaki Swing
- James Brown (BMW)

[The video is] like a visual take on Girl Talk, and it plays on the trend of having advertising launch the prominence of indie bands. What makes it work is that it's coherent, and all the absurd fun goes by very fast -- 2 min 37 sec."

(From Roni Brunn)

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