Monday, December 29, 2008

Songs To Wear Pants To

Songs To Wear Pants To is a ridiculously pretty music request website by Andrew, who grew up in Ottawa and lives in Toronto.  He honors requests making songs for pay and for free. 

From his FAQ: 

"How old are you?"

I was born in 1984.

"How long have you had this website?"
Since April 9, 2004.

What differences are there between free and paid song requests?
          I only make a song for free if I really like the idea and have a lot of spare time. Free songs are always posted on STWPT, and usually paid songs are not. 
          For the first three years of Songs To Wear Pants To, free songs never exceeded one minute and eleven seconds in length, partially to keep things short and sweet, and partially for the challenge. Now I am done being challenged, and make songs any length at all. I am also done being short and sweet. 

Do you make music that isn't from requests?
I do! You can hear most of it at my other website, ANDREW IS MUSIC.
          I also play upright bass in a country & western band, produce and sing and emcee for a few "urban music" type groups, score indie films, and do worship music for churches.
"So you'll really write any kind of song at all?"
No, I'd rather not use swear words or hateful messages or mean things in general. But other than that, yeah, pretty much. It's only a matter of time... until I've made every song ever...

According to his site, Andrew is married to a minister’s daughter, is no longer vegan, is no longer straight edge, has his left nipple pierced, likes swearing but thinks it’s bad, is partially deaf, wants to run a daycare center, and is an INFP personality type.

In his other site, Andrew attempts to write one song per day. Which I think is the key to making something good: produce large volumes of crap, so that once in a while, by accident, you'll stumble upon (or perfect something) worth sharing. It's working for the internets so far, and it's worked for this, my new favorite song: 

Never Been In Love

What would it sound like if a rapping robot was really nervous about asking a girl out?

(From GEL 2007)

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