Friday, July 18, 2008

The Comics Curmudgeon

The Comics Curmudgeon (TCC) is a site written by Baltimore based Josh Fruhlinger that critiques comic strips. He posts the comic strips, and then makes little jokes about them. That's it. 

The blog dates back to July 11th, 2004. The inaugural entry was about Non Sequitur's Obvious Man, who swoops in to correct redundant speech:
" 'Obvious Man' epitomizes everything wrong with the current state of the strip. As an editor, I suppose I should love the current installment of his annoying adventures. But here’s my professional opinion: correcting grammar in professionally printed matter is important. Correcting it in casual conversation is annoying.
I do like the enormous pants on the young dudes, though."
 A commenter then points out that Wiley might actually have the same opinion as  Josh.  Also, as is wont to happen someone corrects the correction; ATM is more specifically an initialism because the letters are pronounced separately rather than just a plain old acronym.  (The killjoy commenter failed to mention what an awkward and confusing comic strip that would make.)

My favorite part of the site is this week's "quote of the week" from TCC reader Edward, which pretty sums up Mary Worth. On 7/10/08 the strip below ran: 
Which can be translated to: "I think I'll make scampi! See, motherf*ckers? I'm this boring, and yet you still read me every day!" --Edward
My least favorite part of the site are all of the cluttered flashing ads of different sizes.  It hurts my eyes.  Other than that, it's a breezy read. 

(From my friend Daniel and his friend Matt)


halftime said...

Yay! I got credited!


W. E. B. Du Blag said...

You bet your sweet bippie! I try to credit everyone I can. :)