Tuesday, July 8, 2008


And now, the first in a series of best-resources for Today on the Interwebs. Really, after I'm done you won't need to read TOTI anymore. But I'll probably still write it.

Metafilter (or "MeFi" or "The Blue" if you're soooo hip) is a community blog that aims to post the best of the web.  Mefi was founded by Matthew Haughey in 1999, and currently there is a one-time $5 life-membership fee that allows you to post and comment.  Members write thematic snippets rich with links, and other members can comment on those links.  Each user is only allowed one front page post (FPP) per day.

MetaFilter bans "selflinks," or posts by a person to their personal website or website with whom that person has a significant conflict of interest. Suspected selflinks are scrutinized and deleted.

There are several sub-sites, that Wikipedia expertly explains
MetaTalk: A.k.a. "The gray" for administrative questions, requests, and discussions.
AskMe: Or Ask Metafilter, or "the green," where members to post questions to the community without the link requirements.
Metafilter Projects: where members share on-going web-work, and self-linking is encouraged.
MetaFilter Music: where members share their music.
MetaFilter Jobs: where members post jobs.
Metafilter even makes filtering the filter easy.  People can post what they like as favorites, and you can check out "Popular Favorites" if you don't have time for riff raff. Overall: A++, for consistency in best-of-the-web.

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