Saturday, May 31, 2008

B3ta Album Covers + BNL"Sound of Your Voice"

The folks from b3ta came up with an interesting photoshop challenge: what's going on outside album covers, and it's hilaylay. Here are few of my faves:
I mean how can you not love this? Gaaaaaaargh! Domukun is going to eat your jail bird kittens!!!

Related to the video 3 days ago, my friend Justin pointed out that the Barenaked Ladies had already done a version of the WEEZER "Pork and Beans" video.

Here is the Barenaked Ladies, with the "Sound of Your Voice."

And a list of its stars:
Sound of Your Voice Stars:
  1. Where The Hell Is Matt?
  2. Barats & Bereta
  3. Geriatric 1927
  4. Eepybird
  5. Numa Numa
  6. Album Cover Battle
  7. Brookers
  8. Boh3m3
  9. The Winekone
  10. Winston Spear
  11. Evolution Of Dance
(From my friend Justin)