Thursday, May 8, 2008

Learn 35+ Languages

Learn 35+ Languages for Free in iTunes is a wonderful little post on LifeClever, a site which aims to "help you design, work, and live better." In other words, so far as I can tell, LifeClever is a rip-off of Lifehacker.

Still. The post merely lists free iTunes podcasts that help you learn languages... But zomg there are 926 lessons! And counting.

To hear the lessons, you need to have iTunes installed, and allow your browser to launch it. You don't need to have a Mac, you don't need to "download" the podcasts (you can choose to stream them), and best of all it doesn't cost anything. But for the curmudgeonly hardcore windows-only purists, come back to TOTI tomorrow to see something completely different.

There's a bunch of traditional type lessons such as French, German, and Hawaiian. Then there are the barely-qualify-as-lessons podcasts like Sexy Spanish with Nancy. Oh Nancy. You're such a cartoony stereotype. No wonder you only managed to get through one podcast. Or Hot For Words, which is one flimsy t-shirt away from qualifying as porn. I totally lollercoastered.

Overall, great find. I admit part of the reason this won was because the author of the post is learning Brazilian Portuguese. (Through Rosetta Stone, no less, which means he shelled out big bucks!) Clearly, this guy is a language hero worthy of mention.

(From Popurls and gemüs' photostream)

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