Saturday, May 24, 2008

Internet Party 2: An Intervention for MySpace

Internet Party 2: An Intervention for MySpace (IP2) is a ridiculously long name for a hilarious video by the comedy group Those Aren't Muskets (TAM). Those Aren't Muskets is comprised of UCSD alumni Michael Swaim, Abe Epperson, Ryan Ricketts, Lara Pickle, Brian Kelly, and UCSD student Brett Rader. (Thank you Brett, for being slow with your studies and ruining my sentence structure.)

Founding members Michael Swaim and Abe Epperson met while "working" at UCSD's satire publication, The MQ, and it was magic ever since. Recently, TAM has gained some positive publicity via a top ten placement in YouTube's Sketchy's II Comedy Contest, a feature in the San Diego Union-Tribune, and a review on

The IP2 video is basically a giant meme-fest referencing famous websites and poking fun of their place on the Interwebs hierarchy. It is indubitably the funniest thing on the Interwebs today. I actually laughed out loud at the end. I know I say this about once a month, but it really happened this time and it has only truly ever happened twice. Check it out for yourself here, because I can't prevent the video from auto-starting, which is hyper annoying.

I like that IP2 has a simple, solid narrative with jokes delivered at a rapid-fire pace. And subtle backhanded zings. And a line punch. Plus, it alludes to intervention shows and the Interwebs, two of my favorite things.

Overall: a biased A. Would have been an A+ if the footage wasn't so grainy.
(From my friend Cammie, Link Hunter)

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