Saturday, May 10, 2008 is a new animal humor blog edited by Anders, where cute and fuzzy collide. Snuzzy's sole purpose for existing is to sniff out "the funniest Internet pet humor so you don't have to." In other words, they find things you weren't going to look for anyway. Snuzzy claims to gallop out across the cyberwebs and fetch blue-ribbon gut-busting material and drop it on your doorstep, slobber and all, so that you can get your fix when and where you need it. Wow. Yes. I guess they don't hand out blue ribbons every day. This site is almost as trashy as PBR. Almost. To explain the origins of its name, the site "calls in some experts" from to define snuzzy as:
Snuzz·y /’snĊ­zi/ adj. - primarily pertaining to pets, an adjective that describes the unique quality of being cute and funny at the same time.
If you follow through on that link, you'll notice that the word snuzzy was entered into very recently on April 21st, 2008. By AndersP, whose only other contributions to are the related neologisms "snuzz factor" and "snuzzy." Experts indeed. I'm on to you, Mr. Anders!!!

Snuzzy is heavy on dog and cat entries, probably due to its and roots. It sports an ugly green early-90s corporate carpet motif. Complete with the square swirls. I'll spare you the click through and post the only cool video on the site so far.

The video is titled, "When the Others Don’t Let You Play, Let ‘em Have It!" ... and it's pure genius. I foresee a new wave of macro usage, where whenever someone states something sickeningly sweet on the Interwebs, a barrage of people respond with a single link to this video.

This is everyone's play-by-play reaction when watching the video:

It's pretty much like 2Girls1cup except afterwards, you can still sleep okay at night. Overall, the site itself is extra ugly. Ooooogley. I can't get past the clunky navigation and early 90s color scheme. They have a couple of lolcats and top ten lists, but I don't see the magic yet. Maybe it's one of those things where you have to have a pet to appreciate. D for the site, A for the video. That averages to a C+.

(From Laughing Squid, my friend Xtina)

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