Friday, May 30, 2008

Sex and the Ivy + Oversharing

Sex and the Ivy (SATI) is a racy blog by a zelously oversharing Harvard undergraduate named Lena Chen. She writes about having lots of sex and being at Havard, but mostly the former. It's likely not safe for work, unless you work in entertainment in the San Fernando Valley. Then it probably counts as research.

According to the SATI about page,
In August 2006, she started penning the blog while a sophomore at Harvard. Her first-person accounts of sexual experiences, depression, and the true state of undergraduate life at the world’s premier academic institution spurred campus discussion, prompted media attention, and garnered a loyal following. Quickly becoming a controversial figure, she has been criticized by some as “morally reprehensible” and praised by others for encouraging frank sexual dialogue.
That's what SHE said. Though Lena is not the first nor the last to overshare, Sex and the Ivy is practically defines oversharing. Lena just types in whatever gross thoughts pop into her head, and in a sick way, it's fascinating. She lets us know way too much information way too soon. I can't unread what I've read, so instead I'm passing it on to you.

On a related note, Emily Gould wrote a brilliant piece this week for the New York Times Magazine about oversharing online titled Exposed. (It's a doozie and might take several sittings to finish... unless you have buns of steel.)

I love the piece's treatment of getting sucked into the interwebs comments vortex, being famous for fifteen people, and the public vs. private spheres. Emily's confession at the beginning that she was, "seeking gratification from strangers at the expense of the feelings of someone [she] actually knew and loved," lends an automatic authenticity and clarity to the piece. Perhaps out of habit, she is not afraid to shine a harsh objective light on herself. This is both the secret to her ingratiation and her downfall. Oh hubris!

Runner up:
The Firefox people have a clever little marketing ploy to announced their latest version. They are trying to break a Guiness World Record, namely, most software downloaded in 24 hours. When will that fateful download day be? Whenever they feel like it. Because they're Mozilla, that's why.

(From Buzzfeed)


Ed said...

Quick thing to note: the blog is dead. Is it possible that you killed it? That under this final barrage of clicking away, it finally gave up the ghost? Think of the power you wield, Madame!

Or maybe she got tired of oversharing. I do know a couple of other oversharing blogs, but they've had the good sense to keep their writing under a pseudonym. So, when publicly blogging, never use your real name. Isn't that right, Isabella?

W. E. B. Du Blag said...

Wow, it sure is dead. I guess we don't call it "TODAY" on the Interwebs for nothin'...

Also, thanks for the flattery, but while I know I didn't break Sex & the Ivy, the sudden surge in interest over her proposed book/Huslter connection surely did. You can see another blog of hers here:

Also, well said Edmund. Also, that's it.