Monday, May 26, 2008

Facebook Gangsta

Facebook Gangsta (FBG) is a spoof video that needs to be 3 minutes shorter by Nick Miller, Otto Cedeno, Sean Modica, Arthur Colombino, and Fifth Column. The production values are what take an otherwise poor video and raise it up to mediocre. FBG's website contains more purchasing opportunities than an IPO bonanza. Still, it has some good lines, and the inclusion of Bookface makes it worth noting.

FBG hails from a long succession of white boys making r&b, rap, and hip hop videos. I'm not sure what it is with the deluge of these kinds of video lately, but only half of those are funny. The unfunny half is unfunny when it appears to try too hard, or lets false modesty slip through. The result is a little cringeworthy. (Though when they do get the flow down, it is funny.) Enjoy!

Weird Al, the king of White & Nerdy Rap!

PS: Happy Memorial Day!
(From LS)

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