Friday, November 28, 2008

Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animals

Cooking Mama: Mama Kills animals is the perfect game to make you feel crappy about having eaten turkey. It's a Peta game that has you plucking a turkey and disemboweling it. It's not really a "fun" game. It's a pretty, graphic game with an overbearing point.

The worst part is at the end, when it gives you an opportunity to see a video about turkey farming and slaughtering.  If you don't have any time, skip to the end, when it actually shows a conscious turkey hanging upside-down by a meat hook, then a butcher slices its throat open.  I swear I'm not posting this to make me feel smug about being a vegetarian, and I certainly don't support attacking and defacing other people's property (like fur coats).  I just really like games and not eating meat. 

Bonus: The aforementioned Peta propaganda video. It's narrated in that condescending voice, so just skip to the end:

(From Guy)

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Lianne said...

Thanks for the PETA mention! That "condescending" voice in Meet Your Meat is Alec Baldwin, btw. :) It's great that you're a vegetarian, and also that you're putting out the word of the cruelty in the turkey farming/slaughtering industry. You and your readers can learn more about the issue here: