Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Penny Arcade

Penny Arcade is a game webcomic written by Jerry Holkins and illustrated by Mike Krahulik.

Wiki sums it up: "The strip features Holkins and Krahulik's cartoon alter egos, Tycho Brahe and John Gabriel ('Gabe') respectively. ... The two characters spend much of their time playing and commenting on computer and video games, forming the basis of the humor in the strip. Most of the time, Gabe serves the purpose of the comic foil, and Tycho is the straight man. The strip can feature in-jokes that are explained in the news posts accompanying each comic, written by the authors."

Out of this week's comics, while it does dive deep into game-core territory, it's probably the best-drawn comic with the widest appeal. Plus the website is not overly clunky. Most would consider it web-comic royalty, alongside XKCD. Enjoy!

(From Guy, Wikipedia)

Unrelated bonus! Irish Barak Obama song.


Liz said...

Another one my husband will love!! He always said that if we ever had a son, he wanted to name him Tycho Brahe. When we actually had a son, he changed his mind... I even offered to do Tycho as a middle name but he refused...

Maeve said...

Are you going to post any comics that are actually any good, or just the ones we who dwell on the internet already read religiously?

Ed said...

It's worth noting that this is the original (or one of the original) gaming webcomics, and that CAD is a derivative (though still enjoyable) version of this. Also, PA is 100% miscarriage free.

kesha said...

Based on the popular comic strip penny arcade, on the rain slick precipice of darkness is an episodic RPG/Adventure where you join with gabe and tycho of the startling developments detective agency to solve strange mysteries lurking in New Arcadia. Set in the 1920s, the game places the familiar penny arcade protagonists in an alternate pulp horror setting reminiscent of the works of H. P. Lovecraft.



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W. E. B. Du Blag said...

:) Liz, & Ed.

Maeve: I'm not sure what it says about you internauts if all the comics you dwell on are bad... Haha.

Kesha: Shamwow?