Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sluggy Freelance

Sluggy Freelance is a daily online comic by Pete Abrams about aliens, demons, dating, and bunnies with switchblades. Right.
Wiki explains:
"While the strip began as a gag-based series in which the three main protagonists (Torg, Riff and Zoë) would stumble from one brief, bizarre, parody-centric adventure to the next, the characters and plotlines have gradually become longer and more serious. However, even the more dramatic and soap operatic story arcs often conform to the common gag comic strip format. While there is often sexual innuendo and cartoon violence, the comic contains no strong profanity or explicit nudity."
The drawings do get better as Pete gets practice. Be forewarned, the site explains that, "Very few Sluggy Freelance comics work as stand-alones, but part of the charm of Sluggy Freelance is its serial nature. As a new viewer, we've set up this page just for you, to get you acclimated, and hopefully charmed."


(From Guy, Wikipedia)

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Guy Danus said...

seriously no comments on this one? one of the best web comics i've read and incredibly long and delicious.

the story arcs are magnificent and who can resist bun-bun's evil, yet cute, mannerisms??