Thursday, November 6, 2008

Paris Daily Photo

Paris Daily Photo is a self-explanatory website by 48-year-old self-described "friendly Parisian" photogapher Eric. Eric explains his site:
You love Paris? You have never been to Paris but you would like a sneak preview? Then come here every day and you will find a brand new picture, taken by one of its inhabitants: me! Wish list (of photos!) welcome.

What makes the site charming are the little added descriptions of the photos and places. In particular, I like the November fifth entry:
It's a tradition that has almost never ceased since 1924: the "straw vote" at the famous Harry's Bar... The principle is simple: any American citizen (who can show an American passport) and who is older than 18 can participate in the vote. The results are posted in front of the bar (and on the Web site) every week leading up to the election until the very final moment (I took this photo at 7 pm on November 4th Paris time). The interesting part is that ever since 1924, the straw vote at Harry's Bar was wrong only twice: in 1976 (Ford/Carter) and in 2004 (Bush II/Kerry).

This concludes politics week here on TOTI. And by week I mean trio of posts. I live life on the FAST lane.

(From your eyes tell lies your mouth can never spill)


Celine said...

It's very cool to see Eric's city daily photo blog posted here. He started quite a trend which has grown to hundreds of CDP blogs worldwide.

Tree Wizard said...

Blogger has a link to the featured blogs from the past few years. I found the link to Paris Daily Photo there, along with the link to Today on the Interwebs.


(I visit both everyday)