Saturday, November 15, 2008

Create Your Own Snowflake

Create Your Own Snowflake is an application by previously featured blogger, Interwebs guru, and spastic entertainer extraordinaire Ze Frank.

Basically, you make snowflakes by clicking and dragging a blue awkward shape onto a black screen, and the application rotates and spins it. The snowflake can be held still, spun 2d or spun 3d. It makes you think of pretty things like Christmas and how bitter cold it is outside my window. I digress.

It's just soothing or boring, depending on your mood. Kind of like staring at fish tank. Namaste.
(From reader Thom)
PS: Happy birthday to my mom!

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Jennifer Klimowicz said...

bitter cold outside your window??

aw, I'll just feel sorry for you freezing I enjoy the Santa Annas and the 75 degrees that go along....:-)