Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Meet in Between

Meet in Between is a site and Google Maps application that lets you know where the midpoint is between two or more addresses is. 

If you want to meet up with someone, but you don't want to drive that far because you don't know if you LIKE like them yet, plus you just lost your job from the economic turnoil and your'e kind of scrimping on everything... just punch in your starting addresses and it will tell you where the rough midpoint is.

Lest you get stuck suggesting a date in the middle of a cornfield for fairness' sake, you can click on meeting place categories: golf courses, cafés, libraries, malls, bars, and hotels.

There have been other sites like this, but unlike similar sites, this one is not ugly. I don't know how often they revise the listings.  I have to admit when I tested it out, a certain Moonstruck Chocolate Café  was listed as a meeting place even though it's closed down permanently. Overall,  still awesome.

(From Buzzfeed, The Fire Wire, URL fan)

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