Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Blog on the Interblag

Every day, the interwebs is filled with an interminable supply of crap and one cool thing. Like a jet-powered bloodhound, this blog seeks out and posts that one thing.

On occasion, nothing interesting is added to the internets. In that case, something old is posted.

Today is one of those days.



Daniel said...

My grandpa reads me blog and insists on calling it a "blob". "I read your new blob today." Or when he does say "blog", it's something he "gets", not reads. "Keep sending your blog!"

Okay, grandpa.

PS--I hope my grandchildren make fun of me too.

Editor said...

Haha, you mean you haven't been printing your blog entries and sending them to your grandpa in an envelope? Clearly someone is doing it for you.

I'm happy to keep sending you my daily blobs.