Thursday, April 2, 2009

Amazing: the Swiss even clean their mountains

April Fool's! The blog is still going. Natch!

Amazing: the Swiss even clean their mountainsAmazing: the Swiss even clean their mountains is a cute video on vimeo with very large production values for a very small joke. They explain:

The swiss do everything to make their guests’ stay in Switzerland absolutely perfect. Lately, they do even more than you would expect: Their Mountain Cleaners make sure you can always enjoy the view of clean mountains. The swiss are so thorough, I love it.


(From Buzzfeed)


PTR said...

Gaah! I'm such a sucker! But it's April 2 here in Oz...

Little Pig said...

woohoo! and I feel so foolish publishing my comment a day after.

Guy Danus said...

omfg you freaked me out carol!!! i was just about to pick up my phone at midnight PST, which would have sucked for you :p

Guy Danus said...

but congrats on a year!!! :D